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Sample Size App

More than 28 free online sample size calculators. Just choose the one right for your study.

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Data Analysis App

Upload your data and run more than 14 different statistical inferential tests. You can generate & customize graphs too!

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Randomization App

Generate random lists with simple or block randomization methods as well as for stratified, repeated study designs.

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Resources App

Find any journal's impact factor, clinical trial registries, study protocols and more.

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Study Finder App

A unique search engine that includes Pubmed, Pubmed Central and ClinicalTrials.gov.

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Text Editor App

Write your abstracts or manuscripts from this cloud-based editor, save it, export it and share it!

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Share App

Share by email all the documents generated with all the apps with just one click.

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Freelance App

Get quotations from Freelance Biostatisticians and/or Medical Writers easily.

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Sigdaan All-in-one Platform to manage Research Studies from the Cloud
1+ Sample Size App with all the Calculators you need for your clinical studies.
1+ Statistical Analyses App with many Inferential Statistical Tests
1+ A unique search engine that aggregates several scientific databases
1K+ We give you easy access to the Impact Factor of each Journal
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