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March. 12nd

All you wanted to know about Scientific Journals

How many open access journals in Ophthalmology and Optometry exist? What are the average Open-Access costs?

Sigdaan Ophthalmology Sigdaan Team

July. 9th

How do you randomize in a Clinical Trial?

Let's imagine a study where you have two allocate subjects in two groups, is flipping a coin a valid randomization method?

Sigdaan Sigdaan Team

July. 20th

Scientific Publications in Ophthalmology and Optometry

How many papers are published every month in Ophthalmology and Optometry? How many sources exist to track down publications? How to quickly find references for my manuscript or sample size calculations?

Sigdaan Sigdaan Team

July. 26th

Clinical Study Designs

What are the differences between a non-inferiority, superiority, super-superiority and equivalence study designs? How can we do sample size calculations?

Sigdaan Sigdaan Team

August. 5th

Basic Biostatistical Concepts

Types of variables, what is a skewed distribution? how can we compute the Confidence Interval or the Standard Error? Which post-hoc test we should use? and more.

Sigdaan Sigdaan Team

Nov. 26th

Competitors Comparison Table

A comparison between Sigdaan and other alternatives. How many options exists with free plans? do all of them allow sample size calculation as well as statistical analysis and randomization?

Sigdaan Sigdaan Team

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