How many papers are published every month in Ophthalmology and Eye care?

If we look in Pubmed how many publications exist that mention the word \'Eye\' we obtain more than 200k publications in total. Interestingly we can see there has been an exponential increase in Publications/Year since 1950\'s. Last year 2021 there were 18556 publications with the word \'Eye\' in the abstract, if we assume all these articles are related in one way or another to vision science, ophthalmology or optometry, there were more than 1000 new publications every month.


How many sources exist to track down publications?

Well, there are more than 120 scientific journals in Ophthalmology and Optometry. Each with its own website and publication timelines and costs (for more information read our post on All you wanted to know about Scientific Journals). However, there are two databases tha include most of the scientific publications in Ophthalmology and Optometry: one is Pubmed and the other it's the open-access counterpart named Pubmed Central.

Both databases have some degree of overlapping but you can still find articles that are in one of these two databases only. So for a complete search, it's crucial to look at both databases.Pubmed includes 100% of Medline and most of Embase. Pubmed Central includes 100% of Cochrane since 2016.


What are the levels of scientific evidence?

There are different classifications but most of them agree that a Systemmatic Review and Meta-Analsysis is the type of study with stronger scientific evidence (i.e., less probability of bias).

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